Breakdown of the share capital of SoLocal Group


According to information made known to the Company through shareholding threshold disclosure statements received to date and the ITB dated April 5, 2017, the Company shareholding is distributed as follows:



Number of shares

As a % of the share capital

Institutional (1)


71.5 %



26.9 %

SoLocal Group Employees (2)


0.1 %

Treasury shares held (3)


0.0 %

Other (4)


1.4 %

Unidentified share capital


0.1 %

Total (5)


100.0 %


1) Amongst these institutional investors are included, in particular, asset managers and family offices, the most significant of which are funds managed by Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, DNCA Finance, Cogefi Gestion, Family Office Amar, River and Mercantile Asset Management, Trusteam Finance,  JO Hambro and the Nobel Fund.
(2) In the context of the SoLocal Group’s Group Savings Plan (PEG).
(3) All the Treasury Shares held are held in the context of the Liquidity Contract implemented on December 2, 2012.
(4) Including 8,033,629 shares to be allocated to creditors in the context of the Financial Restructuring Plan.
(5) The increase in share capital with maintenance of preferential prescription rights finalized on 13 June 2017 led to the creation of 537,341,714 new shares and brought the number of shares in the Company up to 576,218,278.


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